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What NO LONGER WORKS for manifesting in 2022 and why understanding your MISSION is the key to manifesting love, freedom & sovereignty in 2022

The exact action steps to get the hell out of the Matrix FOREVER by creating an authentic soul-business with potential to make 10K+ months!

This Method Works Even if You're an Introvert With ZERO Tech or Business Experience and Have NO CLUE What You Want to do in Life!!

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You KNOW deep down you have a higher purpose on this planet and want to experience the FULL ABUNDANCE of a life that SPARKLES!!

✅ You want simple steps and clarity to end procrastination, get unstuck and move towards the life you deserve

✅ You're sick and tired of struggling through "tower moments" in this matrix existence and are ready to get help to take serious action to get the hell out!

✅ You've tried all the Law of Attraction tips, techniques and rituals but nothing seems to work consistently

    • You don't want to help other people or the planet in some way and make 10K+ a month while doing so
    • You're not willing to fully invest in yourself or your life because you don't think you're worth it
    • You're just looking for another "get rich quick" scheme or another "easy" manifestation technique in the hope you won't have to do anything to get what you want
    • You just want a run-of-the-mill life, playing it safe and settling for "just enough" in a boring J-O-B

    If You're Ready To Rise From The Flames And Transform Into The Lightworker You Are Destined To Be, Then You NEED To Be In This FREE 90 Minute Workshop!

    An Important Message From Your Guides!

    This Is Info From 5 Years Of The Soul-Path Journey: A Massive SHORT-CUT So You Arrive At Your Lightworker Destiny WAY Faster!

    "I was stuck in my Mum's spare room in my 30s, barely leaving the house with anxiety for 10 years & today I live in Bali and run a 6 figure business....."

    Hola! My name is Tim.

    I don't say the above to brag, but to show that I've been through similar pain and struggle and was probably where you are now. 

    I know what it feels like to know you have so much to offer the world....

    But your day to day life doesn't reflect that.

    After 10 years of my life spiralling out of control from post-traumatic anxiety, to enormous debt, to utter loneliness and despair, to suicidal thoughts....

    I began my spiritual awakening.

    And on this new life-path over the past 5 years....

    I figured out the secrets that changed everything for me...

    To the point that today... 

    ✅ I own my first (but not my last!) 6 figure business

    ✅ I live on a tropical island paradise

    ✅ I get to help hundreds of conscious people to transform their life

    And I'm inviting YOU to join me in this FREE 90 Minute Workshop to learn exactly how I got here.

    This is the culmination of 5 years trial and error, learning about universal laws, energy, healing....

    Whilst also working out how the hell to manifest a life of authenticity, freedom and sovereignty.

    One where I don't just survive but THRIVE in every area of life.

    I took everything I learned and created a method which I believe anyone can follow to manifest the same results as me...


    Register for this FREE workshop and get ready to learn how to transform your entire life and wake up with a smile every single morning, with this powerful method.

    I'll see you on the inside....

    Hasta luego!



    I love working with empaths, lightworkers and conscious people that are desperate to manifest a life that SPARKLES.

    I'm also an ecstatic dance DJ and currently writing my first fantasy novel (Games of Thrones is word-porn to me!).   

    I am a recovering tarot addict. Current addiction: cat and dog rescue videos! And horse farriers.....sooo satisfying.....

    My heart lies in Bali.

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